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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.21

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PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.21   Mon May 03, 2010 9:37 pm

-Continued terrain improvement (by Banefull).
-Added more metallic grounds to build metal extractors on.

-Whenever an Unobtanium is consumed, a general message is now displayed.

-Fixed pathing around Eywa.
-Fixed the pathing hole on the cliff left of human landing.

-Unobtanium Detector given back from I.S.V. to HQ.
-Tank now has Dense Armor.

-Dense Armor effect reduced.
-Evasion effect reduced.
-Carbon-reinforced bones effect modified (higher max, higher min aswell).

-Increased respawn delays for Thanators and Titanotheres.

-Avatar: increased attack speed.

-Thunderstorm: reduced AoE, increased manacost.

-Repair durations for machines, and for buildings, now use an exact formula.
As a result, many repair durations have been fixed.
Tooltip of "Repair" improved, and now mentioning this.

-Commander: damage increased, energy discharge damage increased.
-"Trooper - heavy": damage increased, Afterburn slow increased.
-Tank: hp increased.
Foodcost and manapool ( = amount of micro-missiles) increased.
Micro-missiles: damage increased, lowered cost of each dual shot.
Tooltip improved.
-Airbase: Aircraft supply 50% faster.

-There is now a special music when a Hometree is destroyed.
-Music now changes after Corps have reached their unobtanium gathering goal.

Special thanks to WarriorWithin88 @USeast.

-Changed soundset for Scorpion, Trooper - heavy, Private, Viperwolf, Commander, AMP suit.

-The event occuring when Corps have reached their unobtanium gathering goal can no longer happen more than once.

terrain optimization: replaced many small pathing blockers by larger ones (exactly same result, less doodads).
removed many overkill pathing blockers (like underwater).
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.21
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