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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.38

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PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.38   Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:09 am

-Mantis Quattro now has its own Infobox.
-Updated tooltip for Corporation Worker and HQ.
-Improved some tooltips (layout, consistency etc)

-Animal Respawners:
No longer invisible, but have much more HP.
Now have building type (instead of ground unit).

-Titanothere Bone now has Bash.
-Conic Trunk LVL4 no longer has Bash.
-Branch Spears can no longer target buildings.

-New vehicle M.L.R.S. (model by Illidan(Evil)X )
Long range heavy missile artillery.
-New vehicle A.P.C. (model by Kofi Banan)
Troop transport and mobile ammunition supply.

-HeadQuarters no longer has Lifeform Detector.
This ability has been improved and renamed into: Hostile Detector.

Now has Hostile Detector.
No longer requires HeadQuarters.
Now has mana and mana regeneration.

-Tank and Mantis Quattro:
They now use the custom attack system
(avoidable projectiles, with special effects like knockback, mixed damage types etc).
They no longer have "Stunning Damage".

-When missing a shot targeting a flying unit, custom projectile system users (that includes all bullet shooters) can now deal collateral damage to flying units around it.

-Some very minor balance changes plus the following:
-Knockbacks are slightly slower.
-Bullet ministuns are slightly longer.

-Buildings now cost food.
-Ikran and Ikran Makto: now made slower.
-Ikran Makto: reduced HP regeneration.

-Branch Spears: lowered stun duration and cooldown.

-Lowered total foodcap for Corp team to 160, which means 40 per player with fullhouse.
-I.S.V.: once again providing 20 food.

-Increased AoE of Foundry Supply and Aircraft Supply.
-Increased efficiency of Foundry Supply.
-Barracks: lower constructing time.
-Worker: casting time for Remove Dead Trees reduced.
-Tank and Mantis Quattro: lowered projectile speed and modified damage (lower siege damage, but now has +molecular damage).
-Mantis Quattro: increased foodcost and minimal attack range, lowered range.
-HQ: reduced food production.
-Hell Truck: made faster.
-AMP Suits: recalculated cost with the general balance formula, they're more expensive now. Updated refund from Unob-Upgrade.

-New model for Flamethrower (on the ground). It now shows the same model when in hand, including on Firebat. (model by Fingolfin)
-Changed icon for Firebat.
-Titanothere Bone (on the ground) now has a better model, easier clickable when on the ground.

-Metal Fences now stand straight even on angled terrain.

-Animal Respawners are now targeted as ground units.
-Increased long-term performance of the custom projectile system.
-Miss chance from distance to target, is now slightly more accurate for single-30mm-autocannon users.
-Removed some obsolete imports.

-Fixed Discover not giving Understanding from the recently added Episoth tree.
-When a thrown Episoth Bulb lands, enemies will no longer briefly try to attack it.
-Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause units that should not be hit by the custom projectile system, to be hit.
-Fixed units using the custom projectile system from being able to hit ground units when missing shots on air units.
-Fixed Toruks from acting funnily when responding to aggression.

-Changed hotkey for Airbase, fixing the collision with Armor Bay.
-Changed hotkey for Dispersor, fixing the collision with Space pad.
-Fixed Hell Truck collision size.

-When shooting micromissiles, Scorpions no longer show a "Miss" text.
-When a Radar dies, the radar SFX over it now disappears.

dum atkrs are now killed for custproj HTcleanup/flush to handle.

dummyvictim sight lowered, targeted building instead of ground.

vJASSed custproj MLRS
disabled the part of paladonKB about destroying destructbiles, for performance.

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Chaos Colossus Helper (Colossus class)

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PostSubject: Re: Changelog Avatar beta 0.38   Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:16 pm

Ah so he finally sent map back ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Changelog Avatar beta 0.38   Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:49 pm

Burning_Iegion wrote:
Ah so he finally sent map back ^^
Yea, precisely.
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PostSubject: Re: Changelog Avatar beta 0.38   

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Changelog Avatar beta 0.38
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