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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.45 (a b) ("Quest part 2: The Overhaul")

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PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.45 (a b) ("Quest part 2: The Overhaul")   Sun Aug 22, 2010 2:03 pm


-Generally redone, rewrote, improved almost all quest-related texts and tooltips.
-Shortened many texts.
-Improved many tootips.
-Improved location of buildings in Worker/AMP Worker build menus.
-multiboard is now named QUESTBOARD in flashy letters, ensuring players notice it.

-Understanding (of domains like Animals, Na'vi etc) renamed Knowledge of Topics.

-Space Drop Request Chooser function now displays the list of all possible requests in each tooltip.
It also highlights the currently chosen request in that list, making looping through it ultra intuitive.
-Space Drop Request Delivery renamed: Space Drop.
Clarified tooltip.
-Load unit renamed: Load Organic Unit.
Clarified tooltip.
-Chromatic Blender renamed: Lightblender.
-Barracks, Airbase and Vehicle Factory: tooltip now lists precisely the units they make.

-Changed position of Metal fence icons.

-Buildings and abilities must now be unlocked by doing quests.

-Redistributed metallic ground around the map.
-Slightly spaced out starting positions.

-Respawn area for Toruks is now restricted to the Hallelujah Mountains.

-Removed the owls.

-Swarm's Locusts can now attack buildings and trees.
Now get faster and more resistant as more Powerstones are activated.
New aura Atokirina' Protection. Needs 7 Powerstones activated.
New passive Atokirina' Detection. Needs 9 Powerstones activated.
New aura Atokirina' Inspiration. Needs all Powerstones activated.

-No longer have revealed positions of Na'vi villages at start.
-No longer are auto-resurrected if they die before meeting the Na'vi.
It is now done with a similar ability as after meeting the Na'vi.
-Animal neutrality is now the first unlock from Understanding of Animals, and does not include vision.
-Other unlock requirements about Animals were re-balanced.
-Meeting the Na'vis is now required for Instinctive Persuasion too.

-Quests totally reworked: now faster, easier, they explain all mechanisms.
-Added alot of them.

-Corps start with 1 medic instead of 2.

-Heroes now have an Interact ability in their special menu.

-Changed A.D.B. requisite to Space Pad.
Can build Space Pad.
Big Bertha is now built by them, only.
Now have Self-Destruct.
-AMP Workers: Can build Metal Foundry.
That means they can now build everything a Worker can build, plus the best structures.

-New space drop: squad.


-Increased Viperwolf fade time.

-Summon Atokirina': cooldown increased.
-Atokirina': increased HP, slightly lowered speed.
-Lightning Strike: manacost and casting time increased.
-Animal Control: manacost increased.

-Foodcap increased.
-Survival Techniques rebalanced.
-Instinctive Persuasion: lowered cooldown.

-Drone: larger acquisition range.
-AMP Recall: refund percentage reduced.

-Rebalanced transport size of mechanical units, and increased room in Valkyrie.
Mantis Quattro now takes up 10 slots.

-Electric Cremation: lowered cooldown and duration, increased manacost.

-Swapped icons for Dispersor and HQ.
Slightly bigger.
Changed SFX upon being exploded.

-Modified movement of camera in introduction.
-Minor terrain improvements.
-Bioluminescent tree now has a portrait.

-Changed minimap color for some trees: Episoth, Sunray, Puffball, Mushroom, Small Mushroom, Pandoran, Large pandoran.
-Bioluminescent tree: custom minimap color.

-Lowered attack point for all users of the custom projectile system.
-Swan, Scorpion and Hell Truck can no longer attack trees directly, which did almost nothing anyways.

-Zigzag tree: increased selection circle size.
-Avatar Quest Teller is now created before the Avatar: its shortcut is now F1, and F2 for the Avatar.

-Fixed "Become a Clan Leader" quest from not giving you ownerhip of the Hometree.
That also fixes Clan Upgrades not being obtained when becoming Leader of certain Na'vi clans.

-Toruks can no longer respawn anywhere in the north half of the map, fixing the "stuck in space toruk" bug.
-Fixed a potential bug with re-building a HQ that would let you waste Unobtanium Credits.
-Fixed vehicles having repair times not all respecting the formula.
-Fixed "Unlock AMP Special Fonctions" from costing less than expected.
-Fixed Toruks not giving Knowledge of Animals when killed.

-Changed hotkey for: Valkyrie.
-Fixed hotkey for: Wormhole Generator, A.P.C, M.L.R.S.
-Fixed hotkey for learning: Instinctive Persuasion, Interact.

-Fixed AMP Commander having AMP Security Leader's Infobox.
-Fixed tooltip for Seed.
-Fixed text for ISV upgrade "2/2".

(thanks: The_Overmind1)

interact corp
rawcode_space_pad & drone
isvrequestdeliveryend local loop

erased flyingtest
erased hometreesavebuildconditions
rawcode_hq, vehicle_factory, airbase
new quest folders

removed ultravision from avatar marine
erased avatar xenobotanist
emptied avatar marine mounting
JASSed Q42meetthenavidone
global nameneytiri
added a wait in "start units animals..."

questcompiler array check now 97
array int rda_amount_row
int rda_amount


The bot's name is: TealHaze

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PostSubject: Re: Changelog Avatar beta 0.45 (a b) ("Quest part 2: The Overhaul")   Sun Aug 22, 2010 5:00 pm

That's one big changelog...
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PostSubject: Re: Changelog Avatar beta 0.45 (a b) ("Quest part 2: The Overhaul")   Sun Aug 22, 2010 8:11 pm

Yep. The result of 3 days (or more?) of work.


The bot's name is: TealHaze
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PostSubject: Re: Changelog Avatar beta 0.45 (a b) ("Quest part 2: The Overhaul")   

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Changelog Avatar beta 0.45 (a b) ("Quest part 2: The Overhaul")
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